WestCoast Farm

Heritage and rare breed poultry, raised naturally, since 1995.

 About Us

In 1997 we fell in love with a tranquil piece of pristine, wooded raw land on the Malahat.

Surrounded by nature and picturesque trails on forestry land, we knew we had to call this place home.

Our dream became reality and we set about the laborious task of clearing the land ourselves to build our farm. Years later, the dream continues to flourish.

 We have always felt blessed to live here. We milled up our own trees for lumber as much as possible for construction. We cleared selectively, leaving the land as natural as we could. We've kept the land free of contaminants by not using poisons, chemicals or pesticides.

We feel it's been a great place to raise kids and animals. It's also a great place to relax, recharge and reflect. A place to find balance.

Fast forward to now...   

2014 was a HUGE year for us. We started from scratch all over again on another piece of raw land in the beautiful Cowichan Valley. Taking all that we loved about our Malahat farm we are implementing on our beautiful new acreage! It was time for a change and we embraced it. Stay tuned as we keep you updated with our progress.

We are passionate about poultry, and are committed to putting in the hard work needed to preserve and improve upon these rare and heritage breeds that we are blessed to work with.

We take a natural, holistic approach when it comes to most things, and raising animals is no exception. We are pleased to share some of what we have. Have a look around our site.

We hope you enjoy your visit,

Kevin & Buffy of WestCoast Farm