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Opal Legbar

What exactly are Opal or Isobel Legbars? An exciting new addition to the lineup of auto sexing breeds, that allow you to determine the gender of your chicks on hatch day. Males are crested and have a delightful barred lavender colour. Their highlights range from straw to silvery, and when they sun hits them, the shimmer is incredible. Opal Legbar hens are a beautiful pearl grey colour and they are also crested. Their hackle feathers are straw or silver, contrasting nicely against a darker body colour. Best of all is the bounty of beautiful blue eggs they lay. Behind this breed is the hard work and dedication of Candace Waldon of TB Poultry in Missouri, who pioneered them. Please see her FB group, "Opal Legbar Fan Club" to learn more, including how they were developed. TB Poultry https://m.facebook.com/groups/1872729272941008 We at WestCoast Farm are among the very first to import the very rare Opal Legbar into Canada from the US, and so happy to be able to share them with you. The wonderful thing about their genetics, is it works just like the Lavender gene. So, breed them back to your good quality Cream Legbars to improve on quality and expand the gene pool. Still in the project stages, some of the kinks being worked out are strong auto sexing qualities, and consistently blue eggs. *Breeders wanted*
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