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Heritage and rare breed poultry, raised naturally, since 1995.


Quotes We were thrilled with our experience with your farm. The extra eggs you included were a nice bonus. Out of 48 eggs, we got 39 healthy chicks. Here's hoping for lots of girls :-D Quotes
James & Kaity

Quotes The eggs we got from you hatched out very well! Out of 18 eggs, 16 made it to lock down. Then 15 hatched, all happy and healthy! Quotes
David G
Owner of several breeds

Quotes Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful service. We got the chicks home and they settled right in like pros. It was nice they were already used to the bucket nipple system. Great looking bunch- we will get more once we return from holidays. Quotes
Deb Wordsleigh
Happy Chicken Mum

Quotes Very happy with the chicks we got from you. The girls have been laying like crazy already. Hope to get more soon! Quotes
The Martens family
What a treat

Quotes Hello. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful chickens I now have from purchasing your eggs. Out of 3 dozen eggs I only had 4 that didn't hatch. I'm going to be entering some in the fall fairs, they are so nice! Thanks again, see you next year! Quotes
VI Poultry Breeder

Quotes Thank you so much for all the wonderful chicks we hatched from your eggs. We had a fabulous hatch rate and the chicks have now grown into gorgeous adults. The hens are laying really well! I can't wait to buy some chicks and eggs from you this year.. See you in the Spring!! Rachelle & Jim Quotes
Heavenly Acre Farm

Quotes We purchased eggs in May, and on June 2nd had a very sucessful hatch. They are almost 4 months old now, and each one is beautiful and have great personalities !! We have recently bought a second batch of eggs and they are in the incubator, due to hatch in 13 days. We can't wait to see what variety of colors we get this time... Would highly reccommend purchasing from West Coast Farms. Thanks Buffy :-) Quotes
Customer on Vancouver Island

Quotes Hi Buffy Just thought I'd update u on my l'il chicklet hatch last week, I ended up w 7 out of the 9 mixed eggs I got from u: 3/3 BLRW - 2/3 EE - 2/3 FWM Looks like I have at least 3 hens judging by the wing size and how they stand so I'm happy w that, Thanks very much Buffy. I spend some time everyday watching them. Great project! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Hi Buffy, hope you guys are doing ok in this heat!! It's hatch time and I'm a happy camper. Of the 12 I believe 9 were fertile. One quit developing right after my first candle. All 8 remaining have hatched out! Cheers, Aurelia Quotes
happy egg customer

Quotes The only problem with these chickens is they are highly addictive. More please :) Quotes
Renee Borgeson
I need more
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