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Quotes Wonderful to do business with you. I thank you for the help in selecting the perfect chickens for me. They are all doing very well. Yesterday I got my very first eggs from the Marans. Nice and dark!! The Olive Egger hens are laying such beautiful colors. Thank you so much & good luck with the move! Quotes
Rhonda Bettinger
Bettin Acres

Quotes I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your beautiful farm. The children are so thrilled with the chicks we bought from you. They have grown up to be gorgeous, and Today, we got our first egg, an olive coloured beauty from the EE pullets!! Hope to see you again in the spring. Quotes

Quotes I want to thank you for the lovely flock of chickens I now have thanks to your hatching eggs! They arrived here in Camrose, AB in perfect condition. I had a 98% hatch rate and just love my mix of Wyandottes, Orpingtons and Marans. Looking forward to doing buisness again! Quotes
Poultry Fanatic

Quotes Well, I did have an accident with the eggs after I left your place. I took the eggs into the Mall in my backpack. Then in the parking lot I had fall. I broke all of them except 6!! I was sure disappointed. So I wrapped the 6 eggs and took them along with me on the plane...thru 3 xrays (Vancouver, LosAngeles and Samoa). And I actually got 4 of the 6 to hatch...best hatch rate I have ever had taking eggs with me on the planes!! So I have 2 nice E.Egger pullets, 1 lavender orpington pullet & 1 lav. orpington Roo. I was very pleased and after my disappointment from my little disaster. The orpingtons are a very nice colour. I plan to come for a month in Aug. so may get in touch with you then. You have a lovely place and beautiful website. Thank you for the eggs. Quotes
Customer who exported eggs to SAMOA

Quotes I want to thank you and tell you how happy we are with the eggs we purchased from you. They arrived in excellent condition, very carefully packaged. The hatch was a great success and I am thrilled with the quality of our new chicks. Cannot wait to try some of your other breeds. Quotes

Quotes I got Lavender Orpington eggs from Westcoast Farm, I had 9 eggs and all were fertile but I lost a few along the way and 6 hatched. It was -10 when they got here so that may have affected the viability of the eggs, lol. I am very happy, they are big healthy chicks :) Quotes
Customer in Dawson Creek

Quotes very good to deal with. very fair and very honest. great birds and very personable lady. Thanks again! Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes I had excellent results with the eggs i purchased from Westcoast Farm, and they are growing into beautiful birds. Quotes
Vagabond Farm
Happy Customer

Quotes I bought 12 Silver Laced Wyandotte eggs. She sent 14. All arrived in great shape. Only took 72 hours shipped accross the country. Everything was well packed. All were fertile. Despite my incubator issues I got 10 healthy SLW chicks hatched. Very happy with her eggs. I would definitely recommend! Quotes
JJ Piper
Ontario customer

Quotes Thank you so much Buffy for the care that you took with shipping my BLRW eggs. The shipping box was exceptionally well labeled, even the ladies at the post office were impressed. I couldn't believe all the padding and that each egg was individually bubble wrapped and taped. They are all in the incubator and I will keep you posted on the results. Monika Quotes