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Quotes Hi Buffy, Marlene was thrilled with her Blue Orp. and I know she'll love the Australorps too, once they begin to fill out and become the beautiful ladies they can be! Michelle is happy because she saw at least one Barnie that would be a rooster.....new blood, that's what she's looking for. It was lovely to see you again, and the horses...............see you next year for the Blue Orpingtons! Thanks again. Anne Quotes
Anne & Marlene
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Quotes It was my pleasure to meet you today Buffy. Thank you again for the new bloodline. I saw you cared for Frank as a pet and not just another chicken. He is doing well and I think will be very happy in his new home. We have a large area for him to live and explore. Until next time, Daniel Quotes
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Quotes victor is here safe, sound, I LOVE HIM HE IS GORGEOUS!!! I WILL SEND PICS of him and his girls tomorrow he seems adjusted alredy he ate/drank , checked out the girls.. :-) the other roos are looking over the fence jealous of his long legs, LOL thanks again buffy i love him! very nice bird! talk later janet Quotes

Quotes THEYRE HERE THEYRE HERE!! They arrived, and I got a call at about 12:30 to come and pick them up. Took me about half an hour to find the right place (theres like 25 different 'air cargo' companies within a block) Picked them up and they were as happy as can be. Got them home, let them into the coop and they settled in like theyve lived there their whole lives! Theyre out fluffing in the dirt right now lol Not afraid of anything. They are alot more handsome in person, holy! And HUGE! Let them out of the crate and I almost couldnt beleive how big they were once they stood up! My SLW roo was big, but not that big! I am so very happy with them. Thank you so much! Quotes
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